Big Brother 2012: Conor backs Adam to win!


Conor has backed Adam to win Big Brother 2012, after he was evicted last night.

Conor left the house last night after accepting £50,000 in the White Room twist.

Speaking on Bit On The Side about deciding to swipe the money from pal Luke S, Conor revealed: "I wasn't going to press the button... but this money is going to change my life.

"Luke said 'I'm going to press it', I said 'What about Ash?', but he kept on 'I'm going to press it'... so I thought, you don't care about Ash, I'm going to take it."

He continued: "This is for the people that saved me, that people back home that supported to me. I'm so glad I did it."

And Conor added: "I feel a bit of a d**k about what I done to Luke but he was going to do it to me."

Meanwhile Conor backed Adam to take the remaining £50,000 as winner of the show next week.

"Adam was gutted.... but truthfully, if there's someone I want to win it would be Adam or Ash.

"Adam has been through a lot, he deserves it, it would change his life. I'm friends with Ash but I hope Adam gets it."