Big Brother 2012: Conor wins £50,000 and is evicted!

Conor (Big Brother 2012)

Conor has left the Big Brother house tonight after winning £50,000, while Luke S won a pass to the final.

This evening Big Brother gave the two remaining White Room contestants a dilemma.

Up until tonight, they had been told they were only playing for a pass to the final.

But in the live eviction show, Big Brother revealed all to the pair.

A screen in front of them displayed an amount of money, starting at £0, which increased to £50,000.

The pair each had a buzzer in front of them and had one minute to press their buzzer to take the amount of money in the jackpot at that point, but Big Brother warned they would have to leave the house tonight.

The duo discussed their options, and waited for a while, trying to count the minute out.

The prize fund maxed out at £50,000 with Conor snatching the full value at the last second, narrowly edging out Luke S who was rather upset.

"I can't believe you did that," Luke snapped. "You said you wanted to go to the final."

Conor was instructed to take the money and leave the house immediately.

He left the white room and walked through the main house in his full white suit, leaving to the eviction crowd with the money above his head.

Luke S hasn't been left empty handed however, he's secured a spot in next week's final.

Browse pictures of Conor's eviction below...

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