Big Brother 2012: Luke S brands Ashleigh a "d**khead"

Luke S Rose

Luke S has branded Ashleigh a "d**khead" after the pair fell out over a Big Brother were task.

Becky and Ashleigh went to the diary room to compete on behalf of White Room housemates Conor and Luke S respectively.

The boys were watching from the White Room. Big Brother gave the two girls an opportunity to win a slap up meal for their chosen housemate by competing in a quiz, however if they lost, their chosen housemate would be given a punishment.

All of the questions were related to the colour white but the girls do not cotton on. Luke S and Conor watch on and shout out the answers to the questions the girls are asked. Luke S started to get frustrated with Ashleigh. ‘You should have known that! There’s a theme occurring girls, it’s white!’

The girls still hadn’t clicked that all the answers contain the word white. A frustrated Luke S shouted, ‘There’s a f**king theme, everything is white! White!’ Conor finds this hilarious.

After losing, Ashleigh quipped, ‘I feel really bad, so sorry for losing…sometimes we lose…’

The Essex girl couldn’t remember the rest of the saying. Luke S shrieked, ‘She doesn’t know what the f**king saying is!’

Later in the White Room, Conor’s dinner and Luke S’ punishment was served. Luke S was presented with a container of brown and white beans along with a pair of chopsticks. While Conor ate dinner, he had to separate the white beans from the brown beans using only the chopsticks.

Luke S shouted, ‘F**king bulls**t! You have macaroons! Where the f**ks my food? Bulls**t. Not happy. Ashleigh is a f**king d*ckhead!’

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