Big Brother 2012: White Room housemates set 'Time Pies' task


Big Brother housemates Luke S and Conor have the chance to win tea in the white room this afternoon, but the task is out of their hands...

For today's task, housemates' time keeping skills are put to the test with the help of a cream pie.

Housemates in the main house will individually be called to the diary room where they are asked to accurately tell Big Brother when 60 seconds has passed.

They have to show Big Brother when they think the time is up by splatting themselves in the face with a cream pie.

Their fellow housemates will be watching each attempt from the living area.

If three housemates or more correctly pie themselves in the correct time bracket (between 55 seconds and 65 seconds) they will win a delicious cream tea for two in the White Room for Luke S and Conor.

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