Big Brother 2012: Huge row between Becky and Deana!


Big Brother's Deana has ripped into Becky ahead of tonight's eviction.

The pair face the chop alongside Luke A and Ashleigh this evening, and it seems that pre-eviction tension is getting to Deana.

It started when Adam called her patronising, but Deana instead took her anger out on Becky.

"I've heard the word patronising twice this week, so maybe that's something I need to work on," Deana told Becky.

She added dryly: "Is there anything you think you need to work on Becky darling?"

"Nope, nothing, sweetheart," Becky replied as she prepared herself for tonight's live show.

Deana told her sarcastically: "Yes, you're right, you're absolutely perfect. Your acting is absolutely great, your personality is absolutely brilliant, you just carry on the way you are because no one is perfect in the world expect for Becky.

"You're absolutely great, I'm so happy for you."

Becky hit back: "And you don't need to change anything about yourself princess Deana," leaving the room with a sing song.

Chatting to Adam afterwards, Deana snapped: "Start singing now because she's an actress… she should go on one of these acting reality TV shows."

Meanwhile outside in the smoking area, Becky complained to Scott and Ashleigh: "She's such a ****. She's just a horrible girl.

"How dare she say that to me. I got so mad, so mad."

Scott replied: "We should all show respect to each other."

Ashleigh's advice was more down to earth: "Just tell her to f**k off like I do."

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