Big Brother White Room: Luke S has bean punished!

Luke S (Big Brother 2012)

Big Brother punished Luke S in the White Room today, after Ashleigh lost to Becky in a task in the main house.

Earlier today, Ashleigh and Becky took part in a special quiz, competing on behalf of Conor and Luke S in the White Room.

The duo had to answer a series of questions, with White themed answers such as Barry White, Great White Shark and The White House.

At the end of the task, Becky had eight points to Becky's three.

As a result, Conor was rewarded with a colourful dinner which included steak and chips, salad and a colourful desert.

However Luke S was given a pair of chopsticks and told he must separate a large container of white and dark beans.

Luke had to remove every single white bean from the very large container!

Speaking to Big Brother on the phone halfway through the punishment, Luke moaned: "It's the worst thing ever, I'm picking f**king beans with chopsticks. It's the most monotonous thing ever."