Big Brother news: Deana warns: 'I'm not holding back anymore'


Deana has warned her fellow Big Brother housemates that she won't be holding back anymore, after arguing with Sara.

The Scottish model said that she watches Question Time every single week and loves it. ‘I vote because women risk their lives for votes, I think it’s waste if you don’t. I agree on things from different parties.’

An inquisitive Deana asked her questions about how she makes her decision. Sara however quickly got on the defensive, ‘I’m not arguing with you.’ Deana reacted, ‘I’m not arguing, it’s a discussion.’

The model snapped, ‘I don’t want to talk about politics, it’s the last thing I want to talk about.’

The beauty queen then reminded Sara that she’s been talking about politics for a long time. ‘If you are going to discuss something, you will be asked questions.’ Ashleigh agreed with Deana, and then the conversation ended.

Later, Deana reflected on her argument with Sara. ‘I would feel embarrassed if I didn’t know all the facts and kept discussing it. I’m not holding back anymore, I’m going to say what I think. I can’t sit there listening to some cr*p.’ She continued, ‘If you don’t know the facts on something don’t keep going on about it.’ Adam and Luke A listened on.

Sara was also reflecting on her argument with Deana. ‘Politics generally, I don’t know how to speak about them.’ Ashleigh said she doesn’t know enough to talk about politics and added, ‘Maybe Deana was trying to catch you out?’ Sara agreed and said, ‘If I’m your friend, why ask me the same question 40 times?!’

Scott said he would never do that to Sara. The model concluded, ‘I would never do that to her, that’s why I’m upset.’

Back in the smoking area, Deana summed up, ‘At the end of the day soldiers, if you two weren’t in here I would be completely f**ked.’