Big Brother video: Sara leaves the White Room!

Sara McLean (Big Brother 2012)

Sara has left the White Room after 28 hours inside, passing on a guaranteed spot in the Big Brother 2012 final.

This evening Big Brother gave Sara, Luke S and Conor 1 minute to decide which one of them had to leave.

Sara told the guys: "I don't want to stay, I want to get to the final 110%, it'd be a dream come true but I can't stay in here. If I leave it's meant to be."

She added: "Honestly guys, I know how much you want it, it's fine, I'll leave."

Watching on from the main house, Scott quipped: "Oh look [at Luke S and Conor], pretending that they'll do it, such bollocks."

Luke S and Conor subsequently both voted for Sara to leave, while she voted for herself.

A screaming Sara returned to the house - and her make up - and quickly passed on a message to Ashleigh.

"Luke S is really missing you, he's upset," she told the Essex girl.

Watch a video below...