Big Brother 2012: Luke S, Conor can win £50k... but will be EVICTED!

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Big Brother has revealed a huge twist for the White Room tomorrow, which could see one of Conor or Luke S winning £50,000.

Sara, Luke S and Conor entered the White Room on Tuesday afternoon, and only Conor and Luke S remain after Sara left yesterday.

Tomorrow night Big Brother will offer up the pair an agonising decision that "could change their lives forever".

Big Brother will give one of the duo the chance to win half of the £100,000 prize money.

But if they accept the deal, they'll be evicted immediately.

The other will take the free pass onto the final on August 13.

It's currently unclear how the decision will be made, and whether or not one of the pair will have to take up the offer.

For the uber competitive boys it's sure to be a tough decision, while they may get the money they'll miss out on the final, and the potential of winning.

On the other hand, both have received boos from the crowd and so maybe they'll want to take the money and run out the back door.

It will also mean that tomorrow night's live show could be a double eviction.

Deana, Luke A, Becky and Ashleigh are all facing the eviction, with the one housemate who receives the fewest public votes also getting the boot.

Live show producer Jamie Sutcliffe remarked: "Tomorrow's not a cheer night, big characters get big reactions, we're going to get a lot of boos."

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