Big Brother news: Ashleigh and Luke S argue over pasta


Big Brother love birds Luke S and Ashleigh had another spat last night, arguing over past.

In the bedroom, Ashleigh asked Luke S to make her some pasta.

Luke S declined her request, moaning ‘I’m not your slave.’

Ashleigh retorted, ‘You always make me look like a bad person.’

Luke S told Ashleigh that she never makes him food when she cooks for herself, ‘You are a lazy bitch sometimes.’

In response to Luke S, Ashleigh branded him a ‘horrible person’ and continued to plead with him to make her some pasta.

But an unimpressed Luke just told her to shut up!

Conor began to laugh as Ashleigh and Luke S competed by comparing which of them has done more for the other person.

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