Big Brother 2012: Sara leaves the White Room!


One of Luke S, Sara or Conor has left Big Brother's White Room tonight, but what went on?

Yesterday the trio entered the specially built room, and told that the last one remaining inside will win a guaranteed pass to the final.

Those in the White Room have to spend every minute basked in nothing but white-ness, from the white walls and clothes to the white food and drink.

The only colour in the room comes from giant red buzzers which, if pressed, will remove a housemate from the room.

This evening Big Brother gathered the White Room housemates behind their buzzers and the main housemates at the sofas.

The White Room housemates were told that one housemate would be leaving tonight. If no one voluntarily presses their red button after three minutes, a majority decision will be accepted. If no majority can be reached, the other housemates will decide.

For the unlucky housemate who gives in - or is forced out - it'll be back to the main house and the delights of colour.

But they'll also risk being booted out before the final in less than two weeks' time.

Sara left the White Room after voluntarily pressing her button.

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