Big Brother 2012: Bitchy Deana blasts Ashleigh again!

Deana alone on sofa

The shopping list is always a cause of arguments in the Big Brother house, and it was no different today.

Adam and Luke A took on the task of buying this week's food, given only a £180 shopping budget after the group failed the White Room shopping task.

There was a tense atmosphere as the guys wrote the list alone with Deana in the living area, with Ashleigh relaying requests from the Insiders who were gathered in the bedroom.

The Essex girl made sure that Adam and Luke A had ordered her cigarettes, much to Deana's annoyance.

As soon as Ash had left the room, of course, Deana bitched: "Unbelievable... 'Where's my cigarettes?' It's making my blood boil at the minute.

"I've had to eat this **** for a week and she's on about her cigarettes. She's made me eat crap for a week, I've put on weight because of her. Stupid cow."

With Caroline evicted, it seems that Ashleigh has taken all of the blame for last week's shopping sabotage, with Deana continuing to moan: "I've never eaten so much chocolate in a week, it's disgusting, my body is important to me."

Deana has been plotting to sabotage the shopping herself this week, in a bid to get revenge on Ashleigh.

But her plans were halted by Adam, who warned he'd fall out with Deana if she went ahead.

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