Big Brother 2012: Deana clashes with Adam, Ashleigh over shopping sabotage plan


Big Brother housemate Deana has hinted she may try and sabotage the shopping budget this week.

Following in the footsgeps of Caroline, Deana suggested to Adam last night that she should order only chicken and broccoli for the group.

The housemates discovered last night that they had failed this week's shopping task, leaving them with a basic shopping budget.

Adam wasn't too pleased with Deana's plans, warning her that he'd fall out with her if she went ahead with the idea.

"You'd be no different than Caroline," Adam told her. "You would put me into a position and six to seven other housemates in a position. It'd be an utter selfish and malicious thing to do."

"I'd expect you to be mad for a few days but I wouldn't expect you to fall out with me," Deana said. Backtracking, she added: "I'm not saying I'm doing it, I'm saying hypothetically.

"But I don't think chicken and broccoli would be suffering."

"Well you're not going to be in charge of the shopping budget tomorrow," quipped Ashleigh to Deana. "I'd never do that ever again.

"Why are you asking when it's never going to happen?"

Deana snapped back: "Well I'm not asking you, I'm asking Adam, and I'm asking for a reason. I know why I'm asking you lot don't. So why are you questioning why I'm asking?"

It sure is tense in the house right now!

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