Big Brother 2012: Sara wants to quit the White Room!

Sara McLean (Big Brother 2012)

Sara, Luke S and Conor haven't been in the White Room for even 24 hours yet, but Sara already wants out.

The trio have to spend the next four days locked up in the large task room, which has been painted completely white.

They must wear Big Brother's white clothes and can only drink and eat white food.

There's no clocks or windows, and Big Brother is keeping the bright white lights on constantly.

"What time is it, I can't stay in here much longer," Sara moaned this morning.

"We are in a mental institute right now," Luke S added.

"It's driving me insane, I can't stay in here tonight," Sara continued.

The one housemate who lasts the longest will win a pass to the final.

But there's set to be more twists along the way, as long as the trio stick to it!

Despite her threats, so far Sara has refused to press her buzzer to exit the room.

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