Big Brother news: Scott cries over nomination from Sara's mum!


The Big Brother nominations this week saw the family and friends nominate, causing some arguments.

Sara was left baffled by the comments her mum made about Scott during nominations, after nominating her pal.

“I hope she discussed it with other people, I can understand Becky, but Scott, I have no idea,” she mused.

Scott came to the diary room and was also baffled by Sara’s mum’s comments. “If I had enemies that’s fine,” and said that the friends and families would always defend their own. He began to cry.

Luke S and Ashleigh were meanwhile sharing a bath; they talked about Scott. “He needs to understand if people don’t like him,” Luke S whined and Ashleigh tells him that Scott is “trying to please everyone.”

Luke S continued: “He’s got one nomination and he’s taken it really personally.”

In the diary room Scott told Big Brother that he doesn’t care about being nominated, just the comment that Sara’s mum made about him being a “rapscallion.”

“Even though I love Sara, that’s not very nice, and they said I was a very unforgettable character,” he pondered. Scott then thought about how Becky was described as someone who “spreads poison around, I just don’t like it.”

Sara was still confused and came to the diary room. She told Big Brother that she understood why her mum nominated Becky “but not Scott, why would she say rapscallion?”

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