Big Brother 2012: Luke A "ashamed" for BMI comment about Becky

Luke Anderson (Big Brother 2012)

Luke A has confided in Big Brother that he feels ashamed over his comment about Becky's BMI.

Luke had claimed that Becky respected him "like she respects her BMI", a comment that was repeated by Becky's sister to the house as part of yesterday's nominations.

Speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room after arguing with Becky over the remark, Luke commented: “I feel awful and ashamed of myself.

“I tend to speak before I think,” he scolds. S

ome of the housemates were in the bedroom talking about Luke A. Luke S told Becky: “What your sister said isn’t her personal opinion, it’s what he said,” he stated.

Becky reminded them that her sister also mentioned that Luke A had slated them all by referring to them as “dirty, arrogant, cheating, evil a**eholes.”

In the diary room Luke A sat with his head in his hands and began to cry. “I feel sick, all through my life I’ve tried to be a good person, now everyone thinks I’m an a**ehole, I’m not an a**ehole. I can’t physically do anything right in this house, I’ve tried to be civil to them, now look at it,” he moaned.

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