Big Brother 2012: White Room task and twist details revealed

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Today sees the start of a four day house ‘divide’ in the Big Brother 2012 house, The White Room.

The four housemates with the fewest nominations (Conor, Luke S, Sara and Scott) this week, have one minute to decide amongst themselves which three housemates will be sent to The White Room to play for a money can’t buy prize. Once in The White Room all Housemates will discover that the last remaining Housemate in The White Room will win a pass to the final.

Today, Housemates in The White Room will play three games. Housemates in the Main House will then have to play exactly the same tasks later today and beat the White Room’s results in order to win the shopping budget.

Game one: Space Race
This is a physical game in which one Housemate wears a suit with elasticated bungees that connect their joints making it very difficult to move and stretch. The aim is to fill a tube up with as much milk as possible but the clock is ticking. The Housemate is told that the quicker they fill up the tube, the greater their reward will be.

Game Two: Hammer Slammer
A grey matt outlines the game area that a Housemate will be standing in to play
‘Hammer Slammer’.

36 white cups are stuck upside down onto a raised table. Inside 10 of these cups are balls filled with blue paint. The Housemates know where these are as they have seen a graphic on the plasma screen that shows them which cups the paint balls are hiding in. However, they only see this for 30 seconds before the screen disappears.This is a memory game.

The Housemate has 1 minute to hit 26 of the cups, leaving 10 standing. Housemates are not allowed to confer. If they hit any of the cups containing the blue paint they will incur a fail. Housemates are told that their efforts will be considered at the end of the task.

Game Three TBC

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