Big Brother 2012: Luke A cries over Becky argument

Luke Anderson (Big Brother 2012)

The fallout from this week's Big Brother nominations was anything but sedate, with Luke A ending up in tears.

It follows the housemates friends and family nominating, with their nominations being broadcast to the house.

The result was plenty of arguments, with Becky and Luke A clashing after Becky's sister repeated his comment that Becky "respects me like she respects her BMI."

It led to a huge row between Becky and Luke A, and Luke A eventually being in tears.

"I don't want to hurt anybody, but it's apparent that's all I'm doing, hurting people," he sobbed to pals Deana and Adam.

Deana tried to reassure him: "It's their friends and family, they were going to do it, there's a divide. Don't worry about it, honestly, you've been saved twice. That's just their people."

But Luke A continued: "It's the way they say it, it's like I'm the devil. Like literally, I have horns."

Luke A and Deana hugged as the 31-year-old chef broke down in tears.

He later went to speak to Big Brother about the argument.

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