Big Brother 2012: It kicks off between Luke A and Becky over nominations!

Becky and Luke A in bathroom

This week's Big Brother 2012 nominations caused a huge row in the house this evening between Luke A and Becky.

Earlier today, the Housemates' friends and family nominated, giving their reasons.

Becky's sister nominated Luke A, repeating his comment that Becky "respects me like she respects her BMI".

The comment was met with anger from Becky, who ranted about Luke A: "That is absolutely disgusting.

"To say that to a girl is absolutely disgusting. I think it's disgusting, how dare he say that?

"It's disgusting, absolutely disgusting."

Luke A meanwhile was with the Outsiders in the smoking area: "Is that [reaction from Becky] not just OTT? I want to go an apologise to her, but not when she's like that."

Later, Luke A tried to approach Becky to say sorry.

But she snapped: "I do not talk to talk to you. I do not want to hear you out."

Luke A insisted: "I just want to say, what I said, I'm sorry."

Retreating to the bedroom, Becky then gleefully told the insiders: "That was the most exciting 20 minutes. of my life.

"I couldn't have gone up for nomination any other way."

Catch more nomination fallout on Tuesday's [cat]Big Brother 2012[/cat] highlights.

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