Big Brother 2012 housemates desperate for cigarettes


After Caroline left them with nothing but chocolate in last week's shopping budget, the Big Brother housemates have resorted to bargaining in a bid to get cigarettes.

Big Brother previously provided the group with some tobacco, but supplies are quickly thinning out.

"I'd just about do anything..." remarked Adam yesterday.

"Like licking the belly button fluff out of Deana's belly button?" quizzed Luke A.

"Yup," replied Adam, who also said he'd "stick his tongue up Deana's nostril" and "suck Deana's toes" in order to get some cigarettes.

Luke A meanwhile admitted he would sniff Luke S' underwear for a fag.

But both guys drew the line at licking Conor's bum, not even for 100 cigarettes.

Let's hope they're not giving Big Brother task ideas...

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