Big Brother 2012: Scott confesses he's had sex dreams about Luke S!

Scott in Diary Room

Yesterday saw Big Brother ask the housemates to confess their sins, and the results were revealing.

Becky admitted: “I’ve hidden food behind my bed, just for me.".

Luke A confessed: “I may have enjoyed my own company a bit too much,” he grinned and said that he has been “envious” of Luke S, Benedict and Arron’s physical condition, “and Adam’s penis would be a bonus,” he laughed.

Ashleigh was next into the booth. “I’ve been brutal with my words,” she started and said that she feels “guilty,” about it.

Ashleigh also mentioned that she could be nicer to Luke S “I should be happy I’ve got him and happy for the things he does for me.”

Meanwhile Scott admitted that he has been “lustful,” in the house and mentions his dream about a housemate “that rhymes with puke.”

“It’s not recurring, it will never recur, it was just the devil,” he ended.

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