Big Brother 2012: Caroline's still annoying the housemates despite being evicted!

Caroline (Big Brother 2012)

Big Brother housemate Caroline may have been booted out of the house, but she's still managing to wind up the group.

The self-confessed "superbitch" realised at the weekend that she had left her jumper behind when being booted out on Friday night.

But Big Brother's request for Scott to return it to the Diary Room caused a surprising amount of anger!

He moaned to his fellow housemates after a trip to the Diary Room: "I went 'That little bitch!' She said in the first two weeks she's given it to me, she said 'You've got to wear this!'

"Well she can have her f-ing jumper, I'll whip it into the hatch immediately. Everything I've said in here I'll say to her outside."

He added: "She can have her f**king jumper, but I'll burn it first."

Sara replied: "That's very strange."

But Scott admitted: "I couldn't tell her [Caroline] half the things I wanted to say... but that is an absolute dig."

He bitched: "People must be so fake in here if they're promising to give me things then go outside and be like 'I want the jumper!'. Disgusting."

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