Big Brother 2012: Deana blasts "disgusting" Ashleigh


There was tension in the Big Brother housemate this morning as Deana launched a rather harsh attack on fellow housemate Ashleigh.

It seems that the fall out from Caroline's shopping sabotage last week has yet to die down, with Deana getting annoyed after finding out more information.

Deana and Ashleigh had rowed over whether or not Ashleigh was in on the plot, with the Essex girl denying that she was.

But it came to light yesterday that, as us viewers knew, Caroline had told Ashleigh about the plan.

"Oh god, she's got her boobs out," complained Deana as she and Luke A watched Ashleigh sunbathing this morning.

"When I was arguing with Ashleigh about her lying, she said she didn't now about the cigarettes [in the shopping list], but yesterday when she was confessing [in the task], she said she did," Deana claimed. "She keeps lying all the time. I hate liars."

Luke A chipped in: "This sounds like so wrong and it makes me cringe, but I'd rather kiss him than her.

"Honestly would rather, as vile it would be, definitely."

Deana spat: "She's disgusting."

And all just before today's latest nominations!

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