Big Brother 2012: Housemates given chance to repent their sins


Following their confessions yesterday, the Big Brother housemates have been given a chance to repent their sins.

Last night Big Brother set up a confession booth in the garden, inviting the group to admit to wrongs they had done in the house.

Confessions included Luke A admitting to lusting over Lauren, and Conor apologising for being "hot headed" with Deana.

After hearing their confessions, Big Brother issued the housemates with personal tasks.

Luke A, Ashleigh and Sara
Luke A was told he must teach Ashleigh and Sara to cook. Luke could only watch on and advise as the pair cooked a Sunday roast for the housemates.

The task was not only meant to test Luke's patience, but Sara and Ashleigh's "selfless devotion to their housemates."

Becky was given a set of face paints and told to bring joy to the group by painting huge smiles on the faces of the housemates.

Deana was given a whiteboard and pen and told she must give a speech on "morality and self-improvement." Big Brother gave Deana just 30 minutes to prepare.

Adam must spread love around the house by hugging each of the other housemates for 30 seconds and giving them a "genuine heartfelt compliment".

Conor is to put his massage skills to good use and must massage any housemate he feels he was wronged. Housemates who feel wronged by Conor are also free to request one.

Luke S
Luke S must give up his vanity, and should not be seen topless. Instead, Big Brother has asked Luke to wear all of his tops until further notice.

Scott has been sent to the naughty step - the sixth step from the floor in the living area - until further notice. Big Brother told him to reflect on his sins.

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