Big Brother 2012: Luke A admits he fancied Lauren!


Big Brother has been asking the housemates to confess their sins today, and the results have been surprising!

If at least six housemates confess sins to Big Brother’s satisfaction they will pass the task and earn their reward: A Sunday roast!

Speaking to Big Brother, Conor first claimed "I haven't got many sins to confess", but later admitted he had had some "hot headed" discussions with some of his fellow housemates, including Deana.

Luke A confessed to hiding Caroline'e shoes and hair brushes "because she was nasty to me. I am ashamed."

But his biggest confession from the married 31-year-old was being attracted to 20-year-old student Lauren.

"I did find Lauren attractive, but there wasn't any feelings there, it was just a mere attraction and appreciation of her body," he said.

But he quickly added: "It wasn't really a big issue, I am a married man and I love my wife, but I feel I should be honest with Big Brother."

The task will air on Monday's show at 9PM on Channel 5.

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