Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh in tears over boos from the crowd

Ashleigh DR

Big Brother housemate Ashleigh was in tears in the house yesterday, after being booed during Friday's live eviction.

The housemates were each speaking about their reactions from the live audience.

Conor said that he was “surprised” to get a few cheers. He added: “Saved four times, f**k the lot of them in here."

Luke S said that he got a few boos but nothing major.

“I think I got the biggest boos last night,” Ashleigh claimed. “I think they booed me because of you,” she told Luke S and he asked her why that would be the case. “I don’t know,” she grinned.

Later, Ashleigh was talking to Big Brother in the Diary Room.

“I’m trying to understand why the public would boo me,” she started. She said that she knows it is just a crowd of people, “But I’m trying to think about my actions whilst I’ve been in this house.”

She confided that she has learnt that her words can be “quite brutal” adding: “Sometimes I think that I am quite a horrible person.”

Ashleigh then started to cry. “I must have done something so bad to get those boos, it’s unbelievable,” she worried.

She wondered how she can still be in the house but getting boos “Why am I still here?” She told Big Brother that she must seem like “a horrible piece of s**t” to the outside world.

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