Big Brother 2012's Conor: 'My game plan is working'

Conor (Big Brother 2012)

Big Brother's Conor has revealed he thinks his game plan is working, having now survived four evictions.

In the garden yesterday, Adam tells Conor that he has “worked hard” in the house so far.

“I’ve been saved four times so obviously my game plan is working,” Conor boasted.

“I didn’t say game plan, I’ve said you’ve worked hard,” Adam retorted.

“In other words our game plan is working good,” smiled Conor. Adam tried to explain what he means and told him “most of your friends have left us here, in s**t,” but Conor agreed that he has also been left with the fall out.

Conor said that he was unaware of Caroline’s plans but did find it funny, “The same way you found putting curry powder in the protein powder was funny,” he quipped. Adam said that although he did find that situation funny, “It was f**ked up.”

“It was a ballsy move and she done it, I’m disgusted at what happened,” Conor added.

Adam told him that this is the first time he had admitted this fact, “You’re disgusted at the actions of your friend.”

Conor revealed that he did tell Caroline how he felt. Adam said that by still being friends with Caroline it also makes him guilty or not caring “what anybody else thinks.”

Conor disputed this and used the example of Scott also being guilty as he was also friends with Caroline. He claimed that Scott takes life “too seriously” hence his anger at Caroline’s actions.

“We’re in a f**king TV studio, on a TV show and it’s a f**king chance of a lifetime and I do not give a f**k about what happens in this show," Conor said.

Adam quizzed: “That means you do not care, compassion, care, if I hurt somebody’s feelings, or step on somebody’s toes, somebody gets rid of all the food and nobody else can eat, you don’t care about them?”

Conor looked indifferent as Adam ended: “If that’s how you feel, then there’s a lot of growing, there’s a lot of choices that you’ve really gotta f**king make in your life.”

“That’s for you but this is me,” shrugged Conor.

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