Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh angry at Adam over toilet brush prize


Big Brother this morning revealed Adam's secret involvement in yesterday's box task.

Yesterday, Adam assigned prizes to the nine housemates in secret in the Diary Room.

The group were then gathered in the garden and invited to step on a box containing their prize. Only Adam knew what everyone is playing for.

The one housemate who stayed on their box the longest would win what's in the box. Adam lasted the longest at over 12 hours, winning a 50" LCD TV that he had awarded himself.

However not all the prizes were so good, with Ashleigh playing for a toilet brush.

And when it was revealed this morning that it was Adam who had assigned the prizes to the housemates, she wasn't happy.

He tried to explain: "I chose the spa date for you, Conor, so you could take your girlfriend, I gave you the £1,000, Becky, so you could take neph-noff [nephew] away somewhere and I gave you the bike, Sara, because I had given Deana the gym pass."

And he told Ashleigh he gave her a toilet brush because she "always goes on about wanting one from Big Brother."

The Essex girl wasn't impressed, deciding to snub Adam and has been refusing to talk to him all morning!

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