Big Brother 2012: Luke S regrets letting Adam win box task!

Luke S (Big Brother 2012)

Luke S has admitted to Conor that he regrets giving up in Big Brother's box task.

Yesterday saw Big Brother set the group an endurance test, with each of the housemates given a secret prize in a box.

However, only one housemate could win their prize, by standing on their box for longer than anyone else.

Adam lasted the longest at a very impressive 12 hours, after he, Deana, Luke S and Luke A made a deal.

It mean that Adam won a 50" LCD TV.

Even though Luke S would've only won a coffee machine if he won, he told Conor this morning he wish he'd stuck at it.

"To be fair I wasn't thinking about it at the time," he said. "I think there's more too it.

"I honestly think I could've gone... I could've gone to now which would've been 19 hours. Deana did well."

Conor however was more concerned with yet again getting a dig in at Deana.

He bitched: "She's a crazy ***er, she's a greedy ****."


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