Big Brother 2012: Adam wins a 50" TV after box task!


Big Brother housemate Adam Kelly won a telly as part of the latest task.

Yesterday, Adam assigned prizes to the nine housemates in secret in the Diary Room.

The group were then gathered in the garden and invited to step on a box containing their prize. Only Adam knows what everyone is playing for.

The one housemate who stayed on their box the longest will win what's in the box.

Becky, playing for one of the top prizes - £1,000 in cash, was first to give up.

Sara then gave up her mountain bike, Scott forfeited flying lessons while Ashleigh failed to win a toilet brush.

Last night Conor gave in and lost his spa day for two, leaving just four remaining.

Deana, playing for a gym membership, Luke S, playing for a coffee machine, Adam, playing for a TV and Luke A, playing for a holiday, all stayed on their boxes until the early hours.

The last four standing went out in this order:

Luke S at 02:44

Luke A at 02:50

Then finally Deana at 02:55

Which left Adam to win.

Adam has won a 50” LED TV which he will receive after he leaves the show

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