Big Brother news: Luke A "hates" Luke S and Ashleigh!

Luke Anderson (Big Brother 2012)

Luke A has said he's glad that Ashleigh was booed in yesterday's Big Brother eviction, saying he "hates" her relationship with Luke S.

Following Caroline's eviction, Adam, Deana and Luke A were beaming on the sofas.

Adam smiled, ‘You guys are here! You guys are here!’ The beauty queen rejoiced, ‘Say amen, we know the truth!’

She added, ‘Things like this just prove it’s not paranoia. We gotta stick together and keep each other strong.’

The trio grinned and agreed. Adam concluded, ‘I’m still stuck with no cigarettes and f**king chocolate!’

Later in the smoking area, Luke A tells his friend Adam, ‘I’m happy Ashleigh got booed, I really hate the couple.’

Adam meanwhile said about Becky, ‘So funny how she just sits there, Conor slated her so much.’

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