Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh confused by boos for Luke S

Ashleigh alone on sofa

Last night the Big Brother housemates had a glimpse of how they're being perceived by viewers, and it led to a lot of confusion.

Big Brother host Brian Dowling spoke to the house three times yesterday as the latest eviction results were revealed, and the crowd made their feelings heard.

While the likes of Sara had huge cheers, Luke S found himself booed, and only managed to narrowly avoid eviction.

Contemplating the crowd reactions this morning, Ashleigh told Sara: "I dunno why Luke got booed last night..."

"The Diary Room said to me that everyone gets booed, it's just the people out there [in the crowd]," Sara reassured her.

Changing the subject, Ashleigh continued: "Don't you feel amazing though that... a good like, 6,000 people voted for you?

"Me and Becks were talking about it last night and we reckon I'd got about 3 [thousand votes]. I'm just guessing."

Sara replied: "It made me happy, it's good to know. It's reassurance that it's fine to me. I've been in so many arguments about the Queen!"

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