Big Brother 2012: Deana and Sara clash in eviction aftermath

Sara crying

Fueled by booze, Deana and Sara had a bit of a clash in the Big Brother house last night in the aftermath of Caroline's eviction.

Yesterday saw Deana and Sara bicker over Caroline, and their spat continued into the early hours this morning.

Sara confronted Deana and said that she no longer trusted her, but refused to say why.

The Scot vaguely explained: "The things you say and the things you do... I'll tell you but I don't want to start arguing in front of people."

And it seems that Ashleigh has been stirring the pot between the two, filling Sara full of ammo to use against Deana.

Later, Sara and Deana retreated to the bedroom to have a heart to heart.

"You always go on about what people think about you, I sometimes think 'Is she my friend or not?'" Sara quizzed.

But the planned make-up session didn't really seem to go to plan, resulting in just a bit of an awkward atmosphere between the two.

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