Big Brother 2012: Housemates react to Caroline's exit


The Big Brother housemates have all had rather different reactions to Caroline's eviction from the house.

The 20-year-old was booted out of the show last night, after receiving the fewest votes of eight of he housemates.

The outsiders - Luke A, Deana an Adam - were unsurprisingly happy about the eviction results.

Deana quipped: "Our prayers worked, say Amen! Soldiers, we did it!"

Adam agreed: "This is amazing."

Scott, Becky and Conor however were a bit more upset over Caroline's departure.

Scott expressed disappointment at not having someone to chat to, while Becky claimed the public had got it wrong.

She moaned: "I'm not upset about Caroline, I'm upset because there's people in here that offer nothing to the house. Have they not shown them sleeping for 12 hours?"

Conor was bitching about Deana again, branding Deana "the worst housemate".

But things quickly took a more positive turn, as they remembered Caroline leaving with her "trademark" hairbrush.

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