Big Brother 2012: Caroline says Luke A, Adam fans are "f**king deluded"


Evicted Big Brother housemate Caroline didn't hold back in her exit interview with Brian Dowling tonight.

The blonde beauty was very vocal about everything, starting off with the huge boos she received.

The 20-year-old laughed: "It makes me feel f**ing fantastic, I think it's hilarious, I think anyone who likes Luke A and Adam is f**king deluded.

"I'm not doing Conor and going to become their best friends in the final week, that was really bizarre. He'd be up with Adam getting on the public's side. I'm not interested in being their best friend, they're f**king boring."

Asked why she thought she had been evicted, a rather honest Caroline replied: "Because I'm very, very rude, obnoxious, have no redeeming features whatsoever."

But she insisted: "I've never intended to upset someone, I've never belittled, there are two people in both arguments.

"I've never tried to hurt someone's feelings, I've got a sense of humour and I'm a superbitch, but I've never hurt anyone's feelings."

Taking some more swipes at the remaining housemates, Caroline went on: "You can me manipulative, but the manipulator is Luke A. He's a super duper manipulator, Caroline isn't."

Asked who she wanted to leave next, Caroline told Brian: "Adam, please, Adam! He's so annoying."

And the student backed Scott or Sara to win, despite describing the Scot as "annoying" to live with.

Browse pictures of Caroline's eviction below...

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