Big Brother news: Deana warns Caroline "will pay" for shopping sabotage

Deana alone on sofa

Deana has warned that Caroline "will pay" for sabotaging the Big Brother shopping list.

Blonde housemate Caroline spent this week's £550 premium budget on lots of chocolate and sweets, much to the annoyance of the other housemates.

The prank saw the split between the Outsiders and Insiders grow even wider, with Caroline Becky the targets of bitching from Deana, Luke A and Adam.

In the garden, Adam said that if he stays in the house tonight the other housemates won’t talk to him for the rest of his stay.

Luke A said that he felt let down by Becky as he gave her the “benefit of the doubt” after she told him that she respected him,” earlier in the week. Learning of her part in the prank, Luke A quipped: “She respects me as much as she respects her bmi.”

Deana told Adam and Luke A that they will get revenge when they leave the Big Brother house because viewers will see what they are like in the house and they will stay longer.

“People that are doing things like this are always the first ones to leave,” she added.

Deana continued to tell Adam that he will look like a “better person” and Adam is bewildered: “I’ve never been rewarded,” he said.

Deana warned that those guilty of the shopping list will “pay for it”

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