It all kicks off on Big Brother 2012 tonight after Caroline's shopping list prank!

Adam DR

There's screaming, shouting and a lot of anger on tonight's Big Brother 2012 highlights.

We told yesterday how Caroline sabotaged the shopping list, ordering nothing but chocolate and sweets.

All of Luke S and Adam's arguments over cigarettes were made pointless after Caroline secretly wiped the list clean in the Diary Room, replacing it with her own.

Big Brother fulfilled Caroline's requests for chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate when the shopping was delivered yesterday, with over 100 bars of chocolate, nutella and even chocolate filled donuts.

Tonight's show, on Channel 5 from 9PM, sees the very dramatic fallout.

The lack of cigarettes gets to Adam right away, who is seen trying to keep his calm in the storeroom full of Caroline's treats.

The ex-LA gangster is seeing throwing one of 50 tubs of chocolate spread before going to vent to Big Brother in the Diary Room.

In an attempt to appease Adam and the other smokers, Big Brother provides cigarettes to the house via the hatch.

But when Adam puts himself in charge of the stash, there's clashes after he refuses to give Ashleigh any tobacco.

Throwing a cup across the room in anger, Ashleigh is the second housemate forced to cool down in the Diary Room.

Caroline meanwhile seems to have got away with nothing.

The 20-year-old spends most of the evening giggling and smirking, while munching on her piles of chocolate.

[cat]Big Brother 2012[/cat] airs at Channel 5 tonight from 9PM.

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