Big Brother 2012: Caroline is given a new eviction dress (that fits!)

Caroline eating fish eye 2

Caroline's biggest fear this week has been getting evicted, but rather what she'll wear if she does.

The Big Brother housemate is convinced she's out of the house tonight, but has put on so much weight during her 51 day stay in the house, she can no longer fit into any of her eviction dresses.

Instead, Big Brother made Caroline an offer to exchange some of her goods in return for a new dress.

Caroline duly agreed to Big Brother's deal, and returned to the house with a new dress from one of her friends on the outside.

"I think it's because I gained loads of weight and they felt sorry to me," Caroline told her other housemates as she tried on the new dress.

The rest of the group approved of the look, with Becky remarking: "I love it Caz, your boobs look so big."

With so much chocolate in the house however let's hope Caroline goes tonight, else she may need another new dress this time next week...

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