Big Brother 2012: Double eviction speculation!


With eight housemates up for eviction this week, the Big Brother housemates have been speculating over how many of them will be booted out.

Big Brother's live producer Jamie Sutcliffe confirmed last night that only one of the group would be going this evening, but the housemates don't have a clue.

"I'm still wondering how many people are going, if it's one or two," said Scott, one of only two housemates to have avoided nominations this week.

"It'll be two, or it could be three. There's two weeks left," Sara stated confidently.

"There's definitely two for sure, maybe more," agreed Adam.

However the group seemed to have bigger concerns than whether or not they would be leaving.

Sara commented: "I think my real hair is longer than my extensions now, I hope if I do go there will be a hair dresser on site."

Luke A meanwhile admitted he was nervous about walking out of the doors, but added: "It will be interesting to see what happens when yo go and in what order."

The latest [cat]Big Brother 2012[/cat] eviction airs tonight on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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