Big Brother news: Deana, Adam react to Caroline's shopping list prank


Big Brother housemates Deana and Adam aren't impressed with Caroline after her chocolate filled shopping list was delivered to the house last night.

Caroline took over the shopping list yesterday, ordering nothing but chocolate. No cigarettes, no milk, no bread and - to Becky's horror - no pizza.

Inspecting the storeroom last night, Deana reacted: "Oh my god, look at all these donuts... she's such a ****.

"Oh my god, she is a ****."

Adam complained: "We're not going to eat all this, in the three weeks that's left we're not going to eat it, it's all a waste."

Deana replied: "She didn't do it so she could eat it, she did it to be remembered.

"The thing is, in her defence, she can always remember and laugh at it."

Luke A meanwhile seemed surprisingly happy about the move, munching on one of over 100 bars of chocolate that Caroline had ordered.

We're not sure if he'll be so enthusiastic in a week's time...

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