Big Brother 2012: Scott blasts "selfish" Caroline

Caroline (Big Brother 2012)

Caroline's shopping list prank hasn't won her many fans in the Big Brother house, with even her pals angry at her.

We told yesterday how Caroline sabotaged the shopping list, ordering nothing but chocolate and sweets.

All of Luke S and Adam's arguments over cigarettes were made pointless after Caroline secretly wiped the list clean in the Diary Room, replacing it with her own.

Big Brother fulfilled Caroline's requests for chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate when the shopping was delivered yesterday, with over 100 bars of chocolate, nutella and even chocolate filled dnonuts.

But it didn't go down well with the housemates.

"Because everyone is up for eviction and people think it'll be them and they'll do anything," Scott complained. "Caroline's done something crazy. She would have never done that at the start. She thinks she's 100% going, that's why she's done it."

Ashleigh, who got herself into quite an argument over the prank, added: "I said to Catherine [Caroline], don't do it, I didn't think she was actually going to do it.

"I said whatever you do, just get cigarettes. She knew that war was going to happen."

Caroline's pal Scott really wasn't happy with her.

He added: "It just shows characteristics about someone you thought was your best friend. I told her, I've never known anything so selfish in my life.

"I find it quite snide as well, I'm not happy with her at the moment."

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