Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh and Deana have HUGE row!

Deana argue

A huge row ripped through the Big Brother house this evening, following the fallout of Caroline's shopping list sabotage.

As we revealed previously, Caroline sabotaged the shopping list, ordering nothing but chocolate and sweets.

All of Luke S and Adam's arguments over cigarettes were made pointless after Caroline secretly wiped the list clean in the Diary Room, replacing it with her own.

Big Brother duly filled Caroline's requests for chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate when the shopping was delivered this evening.

But rather than housemates getting too angry with Caroline, the prank seemed to spark several smaller arguments between the whole group.

Deana and Ashleigh were one pair who clashed big time, arguing over whether or not Ashleigh knew of Caroline's plan.

Ashleigh claimed that, while Caroline had filled her in on the sabotage, she hadn't actually believed that the posh student had gone through with it.

There were more arguments later when Big Brother delivered some cigarettes to the smokers, only for Adam to put himself in charge of the stash.

Ashleigh complained to the former LA gangster to give her her "fair share" but he refused, prompting her to warn: "Just you wait."

Luke A quipped: "You gonna get Luke S on us?"

Ashleigh then stormed off to vent in the Diary Room, while Scott took the chance to bitch about Caroline and her antics to Becky in the bedroom.

"She's only done this because she thinks she's going tomorrow," he said. "She wouldn't have done it otherwise. That's what annoys me, it's selfish."

And while all of this was going on, Caroline was busy munching her third bar of chocolate...

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