Big Brother 2012: Caroline's chocolate filled shopping list shocks housemates


Big Brother delivered the latest batch of shopping to the house this evening, but the group were shocked at what they discovered.

As we revealed previously, Caroline sabotaged the shopping list, ordering nothing but chocolate and sweets.

All of Luke S and Adam's arguments over cigarettes were made pointless after Caroline secretly wiped the list clean in the Diary Room, replacing it with her own.

Big Brother duly filled Caroline's requests for chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate when the shopping was delivered this evening.

Smokers including Adam started rooting through the bags of junk food in hopes of finding some tobacco, but there wasn't any to be found.

The other housemates weren't impressed, with Luke A hitting out: "It's not funny because it's been done before."

Even Caroline's pal Scott complained: "Caroline, this just isn't amusing."

However the 20-year-old student couldn't stop laughing at her practical joke, as she started munching on the piles of chocolate.

So much for that eviction diet...

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