Big Brother latest: Luke S, Adam clash over the shopping budget

Luke S Rose

Even a premium shopping budget couldn't stop arguments when the Big Brother housemates did today's shopping list.

The were clashes between Luke S and Adam over how much of their £550 budget should be spent on the smokers.

Adam demanded £120 on cigarettes, but it wasn't an idea that Luke S was going to agree with.

"You can't spent £120 on cigarettes, that's like a fifth of the food budget, why can't your survive on a packet each as usually."

Adam reasoned: "We throw away more food than we ever do cigarettes, period. We throw away so much food that it doesn't even matter. We never throw away cigarettes.

"Now we're in a position where's there less people."

Luke S still wasn't convinced, saying: "Why can't you just ration the cigarettes better?"

Scott chipped in: "We don't need to ration anything anymore, there's less people and we've got enough money."

Luke S hit out: "If you get £20 to spend on cigarettes, I want £20 to spend on my own. I'm asking for the same amount of money you spend on your luxury item for my luxury item. Cigarettes are not a necessity."

Of course, none of this matters as Caroline sabotaged the list when in the Diary Room!

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