Big Brother 2012: Caroline's eviction dress no longer fits!


Nominated Big Brother housemate Caroline has been having a tough time getting into her eviction outfit.

The 20-year-old previously admitted she had put on two stone whilst in the house, and was dreading tomorrow's eviction.

She quipped after it was revealed she had been nominated: "For f**ks sake, I'm not going to be able to eat all week.*

Discussing Caroline's problem this morning, Luke S revealed: "Caroline's eviction dress did up the first week, doesn't even attempt to do up now.

"The dress she's just tried on, she's like 'I swear to god I got into it'."

A very unsympathetic Conor replied: "I'm going to laugh at her."

Adam meanwhile was more understanding: "No, no... that's a shame. It's so tough, the way insecurities rule people's f**king lives, especially so young."

Luke S added: "She does snack a lot bless her, I guess it's boredom."

One of the housemates will be booted out in tomorrow's live show.

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