Big Brother 2012 spoilers: Housemates pass Party Animal task


The Big Brother housemates have passed their latest shopping task, having spent the past two weeks on basic rations.

The group were given a two day party task this week, experiencing an assortment of party genres in a short 48 hour window.

Here's the run down of the results:

Children’s Assault Course
The five most childish Housemates who took part in the party game were Ashleigh, Becky, Caroline, Conor and Scott. Between them they completed the assault course in 12 minutes and 35 seconds – PASS

Slumber Party
The boys predicted that Sara would win the pillow fight. Although Sara made it through to the final, Becky won the fight – FAIL

Dinner Party
The Housemates took part in a dinner party and had conversation based on some conversation starters provided by Big Brother. They conducted these conversations to Big Brother’s satisfaction – PASS

Rave Party
The three biggest party animals were deemed to be Ashleigh, Conor and Deana. They attended Big Brother’s late night rave. They managed to keep dancing till the club closed – PASS

New Year’s Eve Party
Housemates had to attend the New Year’s Eve party whenever they heard the countdown sound, assembling to sing Auld Lang Syne before Big Ben struck midnight. - PASS

Political Party
Two Housemates (Scott and Luke S) were invited to each form a political party and fight it out, debating head to head. After each two minute debate, they were questioned by their opponent. Their fellow Housemates then privately voted via a ballot box on which side they agree. At the end of the task, the two political party leaders were called to the Diary Room to predict which them has won the debate. - PASS

Office Party
Housemates were invited to an office party. Three of the Housemates became the bosses who must compete in Office Games at the party (aided by their PAs). One of the bosses, however, was given a secret mission that they must win at least two of the three office games in order to win the overall party game for the group - PASS.

As housemates failed only one task, they passed the overall shopping task.

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