Big Brother 2012: House fallout over Sara and Deana's secret task

Deana taking make up off

The Big Brother housemates all fell out yesterday, as the group were given the latest part of the shopping task.

Housemates were invited to an office party. Three of the Housemates became the bosses who had to compete in Office Games at the party (aided by their PAs). One of the bosses, however, was given a secret mission that they must win at least two of the three office games in order to win the overall party game for the group. The office games were as follows:

Office Chair Race
Each Boss must rapidly spin in their chair before dizzily wheeling themselves to the biscuit table. The winner will be the Boss who does this fastest, though if they have spilt too much coffee during the race they will be disqualified

Name That Noise
Big Brother will play in a number of random noises made by Housemates. The Bosses compete to identify which Housemate made that noise. The first to call Big Brother on their office phone with the correct answer wins.

White Board Picture Guess
Each Boss must guess which Housemate their PA is drawing on the whiteboard

Adam, Sara and Scott were chosen as office bosses, with Luke A, Deana and Becky being as their PA's.

However, Sara and Deana were given a secret task to make sure they win, by any means possible.

This ended up with them cheating, and the other housemates were quick to lash out.

Insiders Caroline, Conor, Ashleigh and Luke S spent the evening bitching about the pair's wayward tactics in the task, while even Outsider Adam was confused by the apparent foul play from his fellow soldier.

And even when the secret task was revealed to the group, the housemates still refused to back down and apologise for their comments.

Instead, it left Sara contemplating who she's friends with in the house...

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