Big Brother 2012: Luke S and Ashleigh have blazing row!

Luke S and Ashleigh

Big Brother's Ashleigh and Luke S had another blazing row last night, while the other housemates watched on.

For most of them it was all a bit awkward, while Becky loved it, raving: "This is great TV."

It all started when Ashleigh told Luke S he smelt like "pickled onions", prompting him to shave his armpit hair in a bid to please her.

However this seemed to annoy Ashleigh more, who feared she'd now look like a bitch.

"I told the Diary Room I’d do anything for you. Anything to make you happy," Luke said. "You think you’re going to look like a bitch. I’m going to look like a guy with no fucking balls."*

He added: "I’m very sensitive babe. Maybe I need to be less sensitive and you need to be less brutal."

Ashleigh meanwhile seemed to be trying to get out of the relationship.

"Sometimes you do smell, babe," she told him. "Maybe I need someone to give me a kick up the arse, someone who won’t take any s**t."

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