Big Brother 2012: Complaints after Caroline calls Luke A "Mrs"


Big Brother viewers have complained after Caroline seemingly referred to Luke A as "Mrs".

Luke, originally born a woman, was the topic of discussion for the group on last night's show after the latest round of nominations.

Caroline, Becky, Luke, Conor and Ashleigh speculated about who may have nominated who, with the group discussing Adam and Luke's "tactical" votes.

Caroline quipped: "Mr and Mrs tactical."

Luke S was quick to add: "Mr and Mr."

Fans on Twitter, including one account run by Luke's family, were quick to hit out at Caroline's remark.

They wrote: "Grrr Caroline how dare you call Luke a mrs!! I really hope you go Friday, what a vile person you are! disgraceful."

And the account - run by Luke A's wife and brother - called on the show to boot Caroline out.

They told followers: "#LAarmy RT this- @bbbots @bbuk @Emma_Willis Caoline should be chucked out for bullying, calling #LukeA a MRS is a DISGRACE!!! #carolineout."

Other viewers were equally unimpressed, with one fan writing: "How sick is caroline calling @LukeA_BB a mrs..he is the bravest person ever&doest deserve that crap..she better go..LUKE ALL THE WAY!"

Another added: "Caroline=a vile human being & is a disgrace to herself and family. When @LukeA_BB wins he will inspire people & he is doing his family proud"

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