Big Brother 2012: Deana blasts Caroline (and her parents!)


Big Brother housemate Deana has clearly had enough of Caroline, hitting out at the 20-year-old in the early hours of this morning.

The brunette beauty joined Luke A, Adam and Sara in the smoking area for a bitch about the posh student, blasting her manners and rudeness.

"Considering that girl has had one of the best educations and her parents are supposed to be so well off, it hasn't done her any favours at all," Deana said. "She's so flipping rude.

"She's got no manners at all, no sensitivity, she's just unbelievable."

Luke A tried to calm a worked up Deana down, saying that karma will come back to bite Caroline in the bum.

But Deana went on: "Caroline is on a totally different planet, I don't understand it, so rude."

And she blamed Caroline's parents on her behaviour, saying they've spoilt the blonde housemate.

"She has no sense of reality or what life is because her parents have threw money at her," Deana explained. "She doesn't know how to treat people, she doesn't know how to show any respect, all she can do all day is be sarcastic and make people feel like s**t."

We reckon we know who Deana is hoping to leave this week then...

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